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About us

Dry Cleaning Services

Metrocleanersdfw is a network of skilled professionals specializing in every type and size of cleaning. Our team works to meet your needs by providing exceptional service, combined with an on-call collection schedule that’s perfect for you.


Our vision:

To ensure our clients receive the best service possible, we have a team that provides dry cleaning and laundry services with quicker turnaround times at an affordable price.


Our Mission

To meet the needs and wants of our clients, we work hard to be reliable. We strive so that you can rely on us for all your Dry-Cleaning needs.


We Love what we do:

We believe in giving our customers the best possible service, so we don’t cut corners. We promise to do what’s right and keep our word because that says something about how much faith they have in us as people. 


Try our best to meet expectations:

Each garment is carefully examined for flaws before being pressed and cleaned. The fresh spring smell, razor-sharp pressing, and impeccable cleaning come from our passion-driven team of master craftsmen with over ten years of experience with the most delicate equipment available to ensure your clothes are always in tip-top shape.

We care about our customers:

We take great pride in making the little things count. Our Customer Care Team members are always so friendly and helpful. Even if you need your clothes back quickly, we ensure your experience with us is perfect every time. Metrocleanersdfw believes that little things make a world of difference. That is why we try to keep an eye on even small things for our customers.

Operational Excellence:

Operational excellence is continuously improving and maintaining high standards despite dynamic environments. Metrocleanersdfw operations model helps us ensure that our people are well trained and understand their roles within a multi-layered service structure. Also, we provide quality always maintains itself by minimizing risk factors associated with poor craft or mistakes created on behalf of the business. 



We know that a clean, safe and hygienic environment is essential in making people happy. Metrocleanersdfw provides valuable contributions to the life of our customers by ensuring this for all who visit our shop.  


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