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Fur cleaning

Fur Cleaning

Fur Cleaning

We endeavor to provide the best fur cleaning service possible. All fur garments are cleaned, stored, and repaired at our off-site, climate-controlled facility. Fur cleaning and glazing are just as vital as summer storage to keep your fur’s original shine and gloss. It also keeps the leather on your fur nice and supple, allowing for extended wear.

Fur Preservation:

Professional storage is one of the most critical components of fur maintenance. During the summer, you must protect your fur from heat damage to the leather. Cold fur storage prevents the leather of your fur from drying out prematurely. We employ a climate-controlled facility to protect your fur investment from heat, mildew, insect damage, and theft. Temperature regulation will protect the leather and its fur. You can be confident that your fur will be treated with the utmost care and respect from the time it enters our facility.

Cleaning of Fur:

A yearly cleaning is recommended by specialists to remove dust, grime, oils, and other soiling substances that might accumulate on your furs even when not worn. Please keep in mind that the fur washing technique differs significantly from the dry-cleaning process used on your clothes. Dry cleaning employs chemicals that can cause the fur to dry out and the leather to become brittle. When we clean your fur, we employ a process designed exclusively for cleaning furs. The process begins by removing dirt and extra oils. Glazing is then applied to bring out the natural gloss and brilliance. This method keeps the elegance of your prized fur while also giving optimal durability.
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Fur Repair & Cleaning:

Annual maintenance is required to guarantee that your fur lasts as long as it should. If you find an opening in the fur or the lining, you should treat it right once to avoid it getting worse and perhaps becoming more expensive to repair. On the leather side of fur, numerous seams help to assemble your garment. A seam may open with normal wear and require re-stitching to close. We urge that you only take your fur to a cleaner like us who has the necessary machines to properly stitch it back up. It is also a good idea to change your fur outfit to modernize dated styles. Softening the shoulders, rising the armholes, tapering the sleeves, tightening the neckline, or adding some fit for a tighter waistline is all possibilities. Finally, keeping your fur updated will allow you to appreciate it more without having to worry about it exhibiting its age. We will gladly price any item before cleaning or repairing it.