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Professional Shirt Service

Professional Shirt Service

Professional Shirt Service:

We have a couple of aces up our sleeves when it comes to shirts. Your shirts will be cleaned, pressed, and polished to your preferences by our shirt laundry service. The most cutting-edge washing, finishing, and detergent equipment is used during the shirt-making process. Our high- quality laundry products maintain colors and make whites more vibrant. Our expertly qualified personnel will inspect each garment and look for:

  • Any buttons that are damaged or missing and require replacement.
  • Cuffs and collars, making sure they are neat, in their proper places, and wrinkle-free.

Shirt Cleaning

The clothes are starched (if needed) after cleaning and run through presses while moist to give them a crisp, high-quality finish. Choose whether you want your shirts on a hanger, in a box, or folded. We take great care to prevent shrinkage or damage to your garment during this process.